How to get rid of lice permanently in a natural way at home

How to get rid of lice in a natural way at home 2023?

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How to get rid of lice in a natural way: Lice is an insect that lives in our hair. Just think, there is a group of insects living in your head. It is as if the body is feeling disgusted, right? This insect is not only uncomfortable but can also cause various diseases. Lice can be found in women’s heads more than men.

The problem of lice in the hair is as uncomfortable as it is irritating. The eggs are laid in 7 to 10 days after the lice come on the head. Then it takes 10 days for the lice to grow. Lice spread from the eggs to the hair very quickly. In this case, no matter how many lice-killing cosmetics are used, the lice come back again and again and the hair is severely damaged due to the presence of various chemicals in these cosmetics. If you don’t prevent lice in the beginning, it can become a big problem.

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So, there are some ways to know how to get rid of lice in a natural way very easily. Let’s find out now:

  • First of all, I would say that lice can cause that:
  • If the head is unclean.
  • Is there a habit of tying hair when it is wet?
  • If wet hair is tied for a long period of time.
  • If you use other people’s combs, towels, towels.
  • When lice come from the head of another.
  • How to get rid of lice?

How to get rid of lice with Garlic?

Firstly, to make these tips, take 5-6 garlic cloves and 1 glass of warm water with it. The lice clinging to the hair can’t stand the smell of garlic at all. As a result, lice cannot breathe. Garlic also has an antifungal property that cleanses our scalp. As a result, our head lice begin to clear up.

Garlic (alternative method)

First, take 2 teaspoons of garlic in a bowl. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice very well with it. The anti-bacteria in garlic helps to get rid of lice from the hair and lemon juice makes the hair shiny. You can apply the garlic to the roots of your hair, then shampoo it. After applying the pack, all the lice will die.

With this paste, you will notice two things.

Let’s see how to get rid of lice forever using these things.

Before using these tips, shampoo your hair well. Then apply this paste to the base of the head. Most lice live on the roots of our hair. Apply this paste for at least 1.5 to 2 hours. After 1.5 – 2 hours, wash your head with hot water.

As soon as you wash your head, you will see that your lice are slowly coming out. Then you take coconut oil and massage it in your hair. And leave it until noon the next day. You can follow these tips usually 2 days a week.

There are also other natural ways to get rid of lice such as:

How to get rid of lice with vinegar ?

Vinegar helps to get lice-free hair. Vinegar contains a lot of acetic acids which helps to kill hair lice. Vinegar kills lice eggs. Mix vinegar and ordinary oil and apply it to the hair before going to bed. Then you have to wake up in the morning and wash with shampoo. Applying this mixture twice a week will get rid of lice in a few days.

How to get rid of lice with Onion ?

Onions can easily repel lice in a homely way. Extract the juice from the onion and apply it to the hair and scalp. Then it should be covered for only 2 hours then the head should be washed with mild hot water and shampoo. This procedure should be followed three days in a row and then one day a week.

How to get rid of lice with Lemon juice ?

Lemon juice contains acid which is effective in repelling lice. Ginger paste with lemon juice should be applied to the hair for about 30 minutes and then washed off with water and shampoo. It is possible to get rid of lice completely by applying this mixture to the hair for 4-5 consecutive days.

How to get rid of lice with Coconut oil ?

Coconut oil is very effective in repelling lice. Coconut oil helps to suffocate lice. Heat 3-4 teaspoons of coconut oil and camphor at night and apply it well on the hair and scalp. You have to wake up in the morning and shampoo five days a week. After following this procedure, you can get rid of lice.

How to get rid of head lice with a mixture of salt and vinegar ?

A mixture of salt and vinegar is thought to be a much better solution to the lice problem. First, the salt weakens the lice and vinegar destroys the newborn lice, although in this way the big lice do not die they cannot stick to the hair. However, if this method is used as an adjunct to another method, good results can be obtained.

How to get rid of lice with Basil leaves?

The Tulsi tree is very useful, and there is no pair of Tulsi leaves to relieve cold and cough. Basil leaves are also used to get rid of lice. Make a paste with some basil leaves. Then apply basil leaves on the hair and leave it for one hour. Shampoo while taking a bath. You will see that all the lice in your hair are gone.

Combing wet hair

When the hair is wet, apply a little conditioner on the hair and comb it to get rid of lice quite easily. It is one of the most effective home remedies for lice. Keep combing like this for at least 3-4 days a week for a few weeks and you will get good results.


It is possible to kill lice eggs through hot air with hairdryers. It is possible to get rid of lice forever by flowing the hot air in the head as an additional measure along with other methods. It may not kill the live lice but will be able to play an effective role in destroying the lice eggs. So a hairdryer can be used as a weapon to control the infestation of lice.

How to get rid of lice with Neem leaves ?

Neem leaves are incomparable in killing lice. Apply the neem leaves on the scalp for an hour, then wash the hair. The lice will die within 2/3 days.

How to get rid of lice with Neem oil ?

The antibacterial properties of neem oil can kill lice in an instant. As well as can destroy lice eggs. In this case, mix a few drops of neem oil with shampoo and wash your hair and comb it immediately. As a result, you will see that the benefits have started to match.

  • Do not use lice-killing cosmetics on the market. It is also harmful to the hair and your health.
  • Always use a neat and clean pillow cover. Wash the Comb and hair care products thoroughly with soapy hot water.
  • Do not use other people’s towels or caps. Don’t even use someone else’s comb as it can spread lice on your head.

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