How to Get Waterproof Mascara off Without Makeup Remover

How to Get Waterproof Mascara off Without Makeup Remover 2023

Last updated: Dec 2, 2023 at 12:43 am

How to Get Waterproof Mascara off Without Makeup Remover: It is a must-have item for many beauty enthusiasts, but removing mascara can be challenging. It’s possible to release mascara without going to the closest makeup counter, no matter if you’ve lost your favorite decoder or prefer a more natural approach.

It doesn’t matter if you’d rather use cosmetics naturally or if you don’t have the remover you used to purchase at the shop. The mascara can be removed without going to the nearest pharmacy. In addition to makeup removers, you can also use several alternative remedies to clean off mascara. To remove mascara without makeup remover, we’ll go over everything you need to know. 

The first question is, what is waterproof mascara?

With waterproof mascara, you can sweat, cry, and swim without turning into a raccoon because the pigments remain intact. Because waterproof makeup has extra waxes and silicones, it can withstand water of all kinds.

Sadly, silicones and waxes can often dry out your lashes – some lashes may even fall out when your makeup is removed.

Here are some different ways to remove mascara

Although mascara is wonderful, over time, it can cause your eyelashes to dry, stiff, and brittle, as well as cause lash loss. This makes it especially important to focus on removing the product properly. Despite the availability of makeup removers at the drugstore, more people are turning to alternatives at home to remove their makeup.

Method 1. Using petroleum jelly to soak your eyelashes

Step 1. You will need to place a pea-sized amount of petroleum jelly in the palm of your hand. Using your hand, cup your palm slightly so that it forms a small well. You can now keep the petroleum jelly from dripping off your hand by placing it in the center of your palm. Before using petroleum jelly, ensure that your hands are thoroughly washed and dried. You will be able to prevent germs and dirt from getting into your eyes this way.

Step 2. Brush your eyelashes with petroleum jelly that you have dipped your finger into. Apply the product to both your upper lashes using your thumb and forefinger. Your forefinger can be used to rub some petroleum jelly onto your bottom lashes.

  • Keep your eyes closed while you apply petroleum jelly to your lashes to prevent it from getting into your eyes.
  • To remove your other eye’s mascara, you can apply the petroleum jelly immediately or wait until you are finished.

Step 3. You should allow the petroleum jelly to soak into your lashes for five minutes. If you want to prevent the petroleum jelly from getting into your eyes, close your eyes. Allow it to soak on your eyelashes for a minimum of five minutes. It is important to use petroleum jelly to break down waterproof mascara.

Step 4. Using a makeup pad soaked in warm water, wipe your eyelashes clean. The makeup pad should be slightly dampened with warm water. To remove the waterproof mascara and petroleum jelly, close one eye and gently wipe your lashes.

  • Use a downward motion when wiping your lashes to avoid getting petroleum jelly into your eyes.

Step 5. You should always clean the area around your eyes. Ensure you thoroughly wipe away any residue that might remain around your eyes after wiping your eyelashes clean. Afterward, rinse the area with micellar water or a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining dirt.

  • It is possible for the pores of your eyelids to become clogged if you leave petroleum jelly on your lids. The clogging can cause painful styes.

Method 2. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Baby Oil

Step 1. Take a makeup pad or cotton swab and apply a small amount of baby oil. The amount of baby oil to be applied to the skin is approximately the size of a pea. You can wipe away mascara by adding more baby oil as needed.

  • In order to remove waterproof makeup, mix baby oil or coconut oil with your facial wash. During this process, do not open your eyes.

Step 2. You should start wiping your lashes in one direction once you close one eye. Gently press your lashes while doing this to avoid tugging them unnecessarily. As you wipe along your eye line, start at the inner corner of your eye and move further down.

  • Make sure you don’t get your eyes into the baby oil. Use a washcloth and warm water to wash your face when your eyes become irritated.
  • Once you’ve done this with your other eye, you can repeat the process again.

Step 3. The best way to remove oil residue from your face is to rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to wash your face thoroughly with warm water, then gently rub your eyes around the treated area. A clean towel should then be used to wipe your face dry.

  • When the baby oil left your skin feeling greasy, you should wash it or wipe it with micellar water.

Method 3. Using Olive Oil to Remove Mascara

Step 1. Make sure your eyelids are wet by splashing them with warm water. You can wet your eyelids with warm water by using your hands or a damp washcloth. Olive oil will bead up against the water along your eyelids to keep them from getting overly greasy.

Step 2. Using an olive oil spray, coat your makeup pad with two or three drops. A makeup pad can be sprayed with olive oil by placing a few drops in the center. The olive oil should be fully absorbed by the makeup pad after it is rubbed against the olive oil.

  • The waterproof mascara can also be removed with coconut oil instead of olive oil.

Step 3. Apply the coated makeup pad for one minute against your eyelashes. Close your eyes and gently press the makeup pad against your eyelashes. Waterproof mascara will be broken down by the oil soaking into your eyelashes.

  • Coconut oil works well if you apply the pad for 30 seconds against your eyelashes.

Step 4. The same makeup pad can be used to wipe away saturated mascara as well. To remove eye makeup, swipe down from the inner corner of your eye outwards. Remove mascara from your bottom lashes by rubbing the pad upwards underneath your eye.

  • To finish wiping away the oil and mascara from your makeup pad if it becomes muddy, use a new makeup pad.
  • You should repeat the process for the other eye after you have soaked and wiped the first one.

Step 5. Using warm water and a cleanser, remove the oil residue from your face. After washing your face, use warm water to rinse it. You should then lather soap over your skin to break down any leftover oil. A clean towel should be used to wipe the soap from your face and to dry it afterward.

  • The process should be repeated if any oil remains.

Method 4. Using a Wiper Towel to Remove Maskara

Step 1. Make sure the towel is dampened with warm water in a small area. Using a towel that is more central or in the corner, wet one of the corners of the towel. Using a small portion of a towel to wipe off your mascara does not require soaking the entire towel.

  • A makeup remover towel is a soft microfiber cloth used for removing makeup with water. Makeup remover towels can be found at major retailers or at local beauty supply stores.
  • You should wash your makeup remover towel and air-dry it before using it on your face if you recently purchased it.

Step 2. Make sure the dampened portion of the towel is used to wipe the lashes of one eye. It is best to wipe your lashes in a single direction, rather than tugging them. From the inner corner of your eye outwards, wipe your top lashes downwards and your bottom lashes upwards.

  • When wiping, dampen the cloth with warm water if it becomes dry.
  • You should repeat the process for your other eye. You can use a dampened segment of the towel to do this.

Step 3. Make sure you wash your face with warm water and soap to remove any makeup residue. You should splash warm water on your face and lather it with your favorite facial cleanser. If any makeup residue remains on your face, make sure you rinse it thoroughly.

  • When your face becomes dry or flaky from rubbing with the towel, moisturize it.

Step 4. The towel will continue to remove your makeup for the remainder of the week. Using the towel for a week or longer will cause it to become muddied with makeup if not let it air dry between uses. Once the towel is dry, wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and air it out.

Method 5. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Milk or Yogurt

Milk and yogurt, although not the first ingredient that comes to mind, have been shown to remove eyeliner and mascara. Using milk to hydrate the skin and remove stubborn products is a great idea. In addition to a cotton ball, you will also need whole milk or plain yogurt.

  • Make sure the cotton ball is dipped in the milk (or yogurt) before you start.
  • Use the cotton pad to lightly wipe the area around your eyes.
  • You should continue until you have removed all mascara.
  • Make sure the water is lukewarm before rinsing.

Method 6. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Baby Wipes

It’s possible that you’ve gotten used to removing makeup with those handy makeup-removing wipes. The reason they are popular is that they are easy to use, quick to prepare, and portable. You might want to consider baby wipes as an alternative. In addition to being gentler, they are also more suitable for sensitive skin than traditional wipes. The cost of using baby wipes is often lower as well.

  • Make sure the baby wipe is the right size by taking it out of the packaging. It may be necessary to fold or cut these in half since they can be larger than makeup wipes.
  • Apply a gentle wipe to the mascara with the cloth.
  • Remove the remaining product by rubbing it in circular motions.
  • After you remove everything from the cloth, throw it away.

Method 7. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Vaseline

You can also use Vaseline or petroleum jelly. The hidden gem lies in your medicine cabinet – and it has the ability to transform the quality of life for many people and transform your evening routine. Not only does StyleCraze call it the best eye makeup remover, but it’s also affordable, hydrating, and effective. Additionally, removing mascara with this can actually make your eyelashes look thicker with time.

  • Use a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline to get the full effect.
  • Make sure the product is broken up by running the swab along the eyelash line and on the eyelashes.
  • A cotton pad or washcloth is a good way to remove it.
  • Make sure your face is washed normally.

Method 8. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Cold Cream

Almost any product can be classified as a cold cream, and cold creams have been used as foundation primers, lip balms, and body lotions over the years. Cold cream can serve as a makeup remover, an unexpected use. According to an Allure article, the combination of ingredients removed makeup and calmed inflammation.

  • Make sure you put a small amount of cold cream directly on your fingers.
  • Make sure your eyelashes are covered in cream as you close your eyes.
  • Wet a washcloth to remove the product.
  • Make sure the area is dry by dabbing it with a dry towel to remove any excess water.

Method 9. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Baby Lotion

It is recommended that anyone who has sensitive skin or is concerned about irritation use baby lotion. As an alternative to traditional removers that are often harsh and drying, it is an excellent choice. Using Johnson’s Baby Lotion, you can easily remove makeup using items you have lying around. It contains gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your skin when you take off your mascara.

  • Put a small amount of lotion between your fingertips and rub it into your skin.
  • Use directly on your eyelashes.
  • By moving your fingers in circular motions, you will be able to break up your mascara.
  • Before cleansing your face, wipe it off with a cotton pad or washcloth.

Method 10. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Coconut Oil

There are countless uses for this wonder ingredient, ranging from cooking to household tasks to beauty routines. There is most likely already a jar of coconut oil in your house. According to Medical Daily, natural oils are ideal for cleansing the skin without overdoing it. Even the most stubborn makeup products can be removed using them.

  • On the chalkboard, coconut oil and writing are used.
  • Take a small amount of coconut oil and heat it with your fingers until it becomes a smooth paste liquefied.
  • Apply it to a cotton pad and rub it.
  • The cotton pad should be pressed onto your eyelashes as you close your eyes. The product will dissolve after 20 to 30 seconds.
  • After removing the waterproof mascara, rinse with lukewarm water slowly to remove the dirt.

Method 11. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Witch Hazel and Almond Oil

You can consider an alternative recipe if coconut oil is not your thing. The combination of witch hazel and almond oil provides easy removal of difficult eye makeup, including waterproof mascara! The actress and lifestyle blogger Julianne Hough calls this her favorite all-natural makeup remover. In addition to removing waterproof makeup easily, this concoction doesn’t sting or irritate the eyes, and it is safe to store for six months.

  • To make a balm, mix two tablespoons of witch hazel, two tablespoons of almond oil, and two tablespoons of water (preferably filtered).
  • Make sure you shake the bottle well before applying the mixture to a cotton pad.
  • Take a cotton pad and swipe it over your eyelashes while closing your eyes.
  • Gently wipe away and rinse with lukewarm water.

Method 12. Remove Waterproof Mascara with vegetable oil

Keep your hands and face clean before and after you wash them. Make sure you use cotton or paper towels to wipe the maquillage off. Add a drop or two of your favorite oil to the cotton or paper towel. Close your eyes and wipe or swab against them. Let them sit for five minutes (like cucumber slices used to nourish the eyes).

When the five-minute period is over, rub the eyelashes with slight pressure over the roots to the tips. If there is any remaining mascara, use a Q-pin to remove it. Carefully clean the area around the eyes and lashes. Once the face has been washed and wiped dry, moisturize as usual.

Method 13. Remove Waterproof Mascara with the Wonder Product, Micellar Water

In case your skin is dry and sensitive, micellar water is the best option. When you want to be as gentle as possible, it’s the perfect product for the delicate eye area. It works wonders to break down mascara’s waterproof formula with oil-infused micellar water.

  • It is recommended to use micellar water infused with oil (e.g., Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water).
  • The micellar water should be used with a cotton pad.
  • You should rest your cotton pad on top of your lashes for about 10 seconds before closing your eyelids.
  • You should wipe off your laugh gently, down to the tips.
  • Repetition of the process is recommended until the product is completely gone.

Expert Tip: The use of hypoallergenic products is always recommended. It is important to choose micellar water that comes from a reputable company.

Method 14. Remove Waterproof Mascara with Baby shampoo

Using it in your bathroom case is an alternative to other options if you have a lack of options. There are several “no-tear” formulas that are not only safe to use but are also hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

The amount of shampoo you use for babies should be very small. Make sure you use a cotton ball that is moist in order to apply it to your cloves.

You should keep the cotton pad in place and wipe it down to the tips of your lace.

Make sure there are no residues left behind after wiping or using a cotton pad to remove mascara and sweet shampoo.

Expert tip: Using shampoo regularly can irritate your eyes and cause bumpy skin.

How to Get Waterproof Mascara off Without Makeup Remover (2)
How to Get Waterproof Mascara off Without Makeup Remover

Must-Have Mascara Removal Tips

You are almost ready to say “goodbye” to stubborn makeup now that you have plenty of removal options to choose from. Keeping in mind these tips and tricks will help you:

To remove waterproof mascara along the lash line with added precision, use a Q-Tip. Make sure you don’t scrub your eyelashes. Make sure you are gentle! Otherwise, eye irritation can occur or eyelashes may even break because of this.

The use of cotton pads or wipes can cause your eyelashes to fall out if they are pulled too hard. Apply the removal ingredient to a cotton pad moistened with warm water if your mascara remover is too harsh.

Identify Your Favorite Method

Getting rid of your makeup doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are many products and ingredients available that are just as effective, and often more affordable than store-bought options. Finding what works for you is the key to finding a quick, easy, and most important, comfortable method.


1) How do makeup removers damage skin and eyes?

Even though your makeup remover is formulated to be safe for your skin, it is still important to consider its ingredients. There are many makeup removers that contain alcohol, and this can cause irritation or skin dryness. Some cosmetics are preservative-based or contain artificial fragrances – both of which are possible carcinogens.

2) What Are The Best Makeup Remover Alternatives?

A variety of natural remedies can be used, in no particular order:
1) Vaseline
2) Coconut oil
3) Olive oil
4) Avocado oil
5) Micellar water
6) Grapeseed oil
7) Almond oil
8) Witch hazel
9) Jojoba oil
10) Soap and water

3) Are soap and water effective in removing mascara?

The short answer is yes. A large amount of soapy water is repelled by the waterproof mascara when it comes into contact with it. Small amounts of mascara are washed off at a time using the beads. There is a way, but it requires the patience of a Tibetan monk. You’ll have to do more than just gently rub it off.

4) What is the best way to remove mascara with water?

Since the eye is extremely sensitive, removing tough make-up like mascara could damage your eyewear if you rub your eyes too hard. Here’s why it’s best to avoid doing so when it comes to mascara, especially. It is also possible to use micellar water in this manner.

5) Is it possible to remove mascara with Vaseline?

Almost any makeup can be removed easily and gently with Vaseline since it is an oil-based product. You can also use Vaseline around your eyes, which is safer than some makeup removers. Waterproof mascara can be removed with this solution.

6) Are waterproof mascaras removed by baby oil?

Makeup such as waterproof mascara or eyeliner can be particularly effective with baby oil. In sensitive areas, such as the eyes, there isn’t much scrubbing necessary because it is silky and smooth.

7) Do you use makeup remover to remove makeup?

If you apply oil to the maquillage, you can remove it. If you want to remove eye make-up, use cocoa oil or olive oil. It’s a little tricky to use. To apply the drops, place a few drops on cotton pads and wipe them gently over your eyes and lips.

8) What can I use when I don’t have a makeup remover?

It’s true that micellar water can be used for much more than just cleansing your skin. Additionally, it is useful for removing makeup without sinks. You can remove your makeup completely by saturating a cotton pad and wiping it over your skin.

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Following are some tips on avoiding the infernal process of removing mascara now that you are more knowledgeable. It is important not to overuse waterproof mascara. It is a stressful situation to remove, and it has a detrimental effect on your health.

Don’t move germs from the mascara to your waterline (pink fleece). Speaking of mascara, it might be a good idea to change it every three months. As a result of the dark, warm environment inside mascara tubes, they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Before applying any of the above oils to your eyes, it is recommended that you do a patch test on your skin first. The last step is to rub the surface. You don’t have to scratch off your eyeballs in order for the oil to dissolve the mascara.

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