Matte vs Dewy Setting Spray

Matte vs Dewy Setting Spray Comparison: Which To Choose

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Last updated: Jul 17, 2022 at 10:08 pm

Preparing for a night out, or even for a long day at work requires your makeup to stay in place. Setting sprays are the perfect finishing touch. But, how do you choose between all the different types of sprays?

Here, we present the differences between dewy vs matte setting sprays and help you decide what will work best for your skin. The main difference between a matte and a dewy setting spray is how much shine you want to add.

What is Matte Setting Spray?What is Dewy Setting Spray?
Matte setting sprays keep makeup in place without adding a finishing glow effect.Alternatively, dewy setting sprays will secure your makeup in place by adding a finishing glow effect.
What is Matte and Dewy Setting Spray

What Is Setting Spray?

Setting Spray is the perfect finishing touch for any makeup routine. A setting spray will keep your makeup in place for a long time, no matter what the occasion is.

With a setting spray, your makeup lasts longer and prevents fading and smudging. A setting spray usually contains water and alcohol, although some formulations remove alcohol for a more hydrating result.

Why Do I Need Setting Spray?

This will keep your primer, foundation, and contour in place throughout the day. You can be frustrated when all your time and effort go to waste! If you aren’t careful, the weather, oil, sweat, and anything else the day brings can ruin your look.

It locks down your look when you use a setting spray. By using it, you can prevent your makeup from smudging, fading, or caking.

There are many different types and setting spray brands. You can choose the right formula and finish depending on your skin type. 

The next question is which setting spray is best for you. The best way to determine what looks are right for you is by considering your skin type and what kind of look you want to achieve.

Have trouble deciding what to choose? Let us explain it to you in simple terms. 

Matte vs Dewy Setting Spray

matte vs dewy makeup finish
Matte vs Dewy Makeup Finish
Matte Setting SprayDewy Setting Spray
The matte setting spray won’t leave excess oil or shine on your makeup.Dewy setting sprays add a subtle shine and brighten the skin.
Matt setting spray will leave your skin with no excess oil.Dewy setting spray will leave your skin with a moist appearance.
Best for oily skin.Best for dry skin.
Keep makeup in place for a longer period and provide full coverage.Dewy setting sprays last less than matte setting sprays.
Last long so don’t need to reapply.Need to touch up or reapply periodically.
Matte vs Dewy Setting Spray Comparison Table

The difference between matte and dewy is the amount of shine and radiance that the spray leaves. With the matte spray, there should be no excess oil on your skin.

Warning: Too much matte spray can leave your skin shiny, so don’t use it too much. The end result should be a velvety/powdery finish.

The dewy spray leaves your skin looking moist. It can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart because they look the same, which is annoying.

The dewy setting spray may not be the best option for people with oily or clogged skin. There is a possibility that it will worsen your pore problems.

A matte setting spray is a great alternative. Even traditional face powders can benefit from them. Your skin will look velvety and full finish after using matte sprays.

When you use a matte setting spray, your makeup will remain in place longer and provide fuller coverage all day or night long.

If you want your makeup to last, full coverage hold, a matte setting spray is a perfect solution for you.

Using a dewy finish is the best way to get some shine without worrying about overdoing it with excessive moisture.

Setting Sprays for Different Skin Types

Your skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, combination, etc.) will determine which setting spray is best for you.

Oily Skin

If you have naturally oily skin, matte setting sprays are also a great option for you. This matte setting spray can help keep natural oils away with just a few spritzes.

You don’t need to touch up or worry about too much shine. To prevent embarrassing smudges, they hold your makeup in place. 

The downside of matte setting sprays is that they might look too heavy on the face. In addition, they may accentuate fine lines and dry out the skin over time.

Dry Skin

You may experience more dryness with a matte setting spray if you have flaky, dry skin.

A dewy setting spray will give your skin a shimmery appearance. It usually contains natural oils and humectants that brighten and moisturize the skin.

A dewy setting spray can be applied over or under makeup if you do not have oily skin.

Your skin will appear brighter and more hydrated with dewy setting sprays. Additionally, these sprays are usually easy to apply over makeup and blend.

It’s possible to reflect light on all your best features with the perfect shine. 

Which Setting Spray Last Long: Dewy vs Matte?

Unlike matte setting sprays, dewy setting sprays should not last as long. You may need to touch them up periodically during the day or at night. 

If you don’t want to reapply, this can be problematic. Using these setting sprays can also leave the skin looking oily or shiny as well.


Where to Buy Best Makeup Setting Sprays near Me?

You can buy all the best setting sprays from major online shopping stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, eBay, Nordstrom, Sephora, etc.

How Do I Apply Setting Spray?

After applying your makeup, shake the bottle generously, then hold it about six to eight inches from your face. Apply a light veil and let it dry.

Can I Use a Setting Spray Without Makeup?

No, setting sprays won’t make any difference without makeup on.

Are Setting Sprays Harmful to Your Skin?

There are different formulas for different setting sprays. The majority of them contain alcohol, which keeps everything in place but can also cause skin irritation and dryness. Choose a water-based formula for sensitive skin to avoid irritation and hydration.

Can I Use Finishing Powder Instead of a Setting Spray?

The setting powder can be used instead of the setting spray if you have oily skin. However, applying both will make your makeup last longer.

My Favorite Setting Spray

Top Pick


Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray


  • Lightweight
  • Makeup looks fresh and last for long
  • Good longevity and Very comfortable.
  • Affordable


  • Other setting sprays smell better than it.

Bottom Line

Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is a cult classic because it makes makeup long-lasting for hours.


You need to choose a setting spray that works with your skin and meets your needs. If you have oily skin or want your makeup to last all day and night, you need a matte setting spray.

A dewy setting spray will give you a fresh, luminous finish as bright as your future. Make sure you know what type of skin you have. Discover the right setting spray for you by trying different types.

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