11 Best Legitimate Micro Jobs Sites to Make Money Online

Last updated: Apr 12, 2024 at 01:20 am

Looking to pick up some extra cash in your spare time? Micro jobs are tiny freelance gigs and tasks you can complete online to earn a little extra money. From writing product descriptions to taking surveys, these bite-sized jobs are an easy way to pad your wallet. We scoured the web to find the 12 best legitimate websites for micro jobs that will actually pay. Whether you want to earn online full-time or just supplement your income, these sites connect you with real opportunities to get working and earning right away. 

1. ClickWorker

ClickWorker stands out as one of the premier platforms for online micro jobs, utilizing a crowdsourcing system to distribute tasks to its click workers. The website is accessible in multiple languages, including English, German, and Polish.

Renowned for its trustworthiness in the realm of micro jobs, ClickWorker has been offering numerous opportunities to workers for over 13 years, earning the trust of many users. Upon registering and signing up with ClickWorker, you gain immediate access to tasks and opportunities, with over 1.8 million workers currently earning through the platform.

This money-making website functions as a marketplace for direct orders, covering tasks such as copy editing, categorization, tax creation, surveys, research, and proofreading. The noteworthy aspect is that, for most tasks, there’s no need to undergo qualification assessments; you can complete them and get paid. However, some tasks may require formal qualifications, so it’s important to assess the specific requirements.

Payments are processed every week from Wednesdays to Fridays through PayPal, and the withdrawal amount should be at least $5. ClickWorker provides a straightforward and accessible way for individuals to earn money online through micro jobs without the need for extensive qualifications.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

Established in 2005, Mturk is an Amazon web services platform, serving as a global online crowdsourcing marketplace with a vast user base.

a) Catering to both “Requestors” and “Workers,” Mturk is an ideal hub for those seeking to outsource tasks as well as individuals looking to earn through micro-jobs. Requestors create tasks and access a global on-demand workforce to fulfill them. Once the worker completes the task, the requestor reviews and approves it, releasing payment if the criteria are met.

b) Registering on Mturk is straightforward, whether as a requestor or a worker. Account verification by Amazon is the next step, and approval is granted if the account meets their criteria. However, rejections are observed in some cases, particularly from various parts of Asia, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Oman.

Mturk stands out for offering workers the opportunity to engage in quick and straightforward micro-jobs, providing handsome compensation for completed tasks.

3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars operates as a survey-based site with a bonus of micro jobs through its rewarding program. This versatile platform offers various avenues to earn a decent income, including watching ads, taking surveys, redeeming coupons, playing games, receiving emails, online shopping, referrals, and signing up for other websites.

Upon signing up with Inbox Dollars and completing the registration process, which involves verifying your email, you receive an instant $5 bonus. Payments on this platform are facilitated through Paypal, with a minimum payout of $30 after a $3 cash withdrawal fee is deducted. Alternatively, you can choose the check payment option, which does not incur any cash-out fees. Inbox Dollars provides a diverse range of opportunities for users to earn money while engaging in different online activities.

4. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is an online marketplace that compensates individuals for completing various real-world tasks. These tasks encompass a wide range of services such as cleaning, laundry, event planning, shopping, packing, deliveries, shipping, staffing, and more.

Operating as a well-known platform in multiple countries, Task Rabbit offers diverse micro jobs covering personal assistance, arts and crafts, cooking, singing, online selling, creating YouTube videos, usability testing, painting, marketing, advertising, and promotions.

Freelancers on Task Rabbit have the flexibility to set rates based on the tasks they undertake, often charging on an hourly basis determined by their skills and expertise. To become eligible to work on this platform, individuals must be at least 21 years old and possess a bank account in their name. Task Rabbit provides a convenient and accessible way for freelancers to monetize their skills and earn income through a variety of real-world tasks.

5. Rapidworkers

Rapidwokers stands out as an excellent micro job platform, offering money-making opportunities to numerous individuals. Recognized for its seamless payment process and punctual payments, it has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted websites for micro-jobs.

With a user-friendly interface, Rapidwokers has a minimum payout requirement of $8. Payments are released through Paypal and Payza, similar to other revenue-generating platforms, and may take up to a week to reach your Paypal account.

The platform operates with two main components: employers who assign tasks and workers or employees who complete these tasks and receive payment. Rapidwokers compensates users for completing basic tasks such as sharing content on social media, visiting websites, participating in surveys, conducting quality checkups, playing games, and watching ads or videos.

Accuracy is crucial when performing tasks on this platform, with a minimum requirement of 60% for payment eligibility. Ensuring precision in your work is essential to receive compensation for the completed task.

6. Microworkers

This impressive platform has over seven hundred thousand workers who are earning income through the various opportunities it offers. Owned by Weblabcenter Inc., it operates primarily as a crowdsourcing website. Workers can create professional-looking campaigns using Microworkers templates and earn money by completing micro tasks like downloading apps, liking Facebook pages, sharing content on social media, watching ads and videos, searching and clicking, app testing, site testing, and signing up for other websites.

Upon completing tasks, satisfied companies provide workers with a VCODE, which, when submitted to the Microworkers website, ensures payment. Microworkers process payments twice a week through Paypal, Dwolla, Payoneer, and Moneybookers. Bank transfers via Transpay have also been introduced, but withdrawals are only possible once the earnings reach $9. This platform provides numerous ways for users to enhance their income in a user-friendly manner.

7. Appen

Appen is a platform that allows you to contribute to the training of artificial intelligence systems across different industries. On Appen, tasks range from moderating content and categorizing social media posts to transcribing audio and drawing boxes on images. The platform also provides opportunities for longer-term projects and data collection.

8. Tapestri

Tapestri sets itself apart from platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where users often become the product for big brands. Instead, Tapestri is an app that collects data from its users and compensates them in return. Simply by downloading the app, users can participate. While Tapestri sells the data, the users’ identities remain anonymous, and they can earn a share of the profits generated by the app. According to Tapestri, users have the potential to earn a passive income of around $25 per month by installing the app and keeping it running in the background.

9. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that offers you the opportunity to earn points by completing simple tasks, like shopping at specific online stores, taking surveys, watching popular videos, and playing online games. In this app, Swagbucks (SBs) serve as the currency, and the amount you earn depends on the task you successfully complete. You can redeem your points once you accumulate a minimum of 160 Swagbucks, choosing between cash or gift cards from popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, and iTunes. Additionally, there’s an option to redeem gift cards at a discounted value, providing you the chance to maximize the value of your earnings.

10. Sproutgigs

Sproutgigs is an innovative platform that connects individuals with various gig opportunities, making it easy for freelancers to find and complete micro-jobs. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, social media expert, or have skills in other areas, Sproutgigs provides a diverse range of tasks for freelancers to choose from. The platform is user-friendly, allowing freelancers to showcase their talents and connect with employers seeking specific skills. With Sproutgigs, individuals can explore a variety of gig options and tailor their work to match their expertise, providing a flexible and accessible way to earn income.

One notable feature of Sproutgigs is its transparent and straightforward payment system. Freelancers can easily track their earnings, and the platform ensures timely and hassle-free payouts. Additionally, Sproutgigs fosters a supportive community where freelancers can share insights, and tips, and collaborate on projects. This creates a dynamic environment that not only helps individuals find suitable gigs but also encourages skill development and networking within the freelancing community. Overall, Sproutgigs is a user-centric platform that simplifies the gig economy experience, making it an excellent choice for freelancers looking to diversify their income streams.

11. Jumaworkers

Jumaworkers is a dynamic platform designed to connect freelancers with a myriad of micro-jobs, offering a wide array of opportunities to individuals across various skill sets. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, programmer, or expert in marketing, Jumaworkers provides a diverse range of tasks for freelancers to explore and apply their expertise. The platform’s intuitive interface simplifies the process of finding and completing jobs, making it accessible for freelancers to navigate and engage with potential employers.

One of the standout features of Jumaworkers is its commitment to fair compensation. Freelancers on the platform can set their rates based on their skills and the complexity of the tasks they undertake. This flexibility ensures that freelancers are adequately rewarded for their efforts. 

Note: When finding micro jobs online, watch out for scam websites. Some fraudulent sites will ask you to pay money just to register an account with them. Never pay anything to sign up for an online job platform. Legitimate micro job sites allow you to register as a worker for free. The best micro job sites to earn money online will not require a cash deposit or upfront payment before letting you access job listings. As long as you stick to reputable sites, you can avoid traps set by scammers. But always be cautious of sites asking for payments, as real micro job platforms do not require you to pay just to sign up

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