Forget gold, diamonds, and even the exotic taaffeite and alexandrite! While these gems are valuable, they’re not even close to the top spot. The world holds some incredible items that will blow your mind with their price tags.

We’ll explore a mix of famous and lesser-known contenders, keeping in mind that prices can fluctuate depending on location. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the 5 most expensive things in the world!

1. Californium

File:Pyrite 3.jpg

This radioactive element, named after the state of California where it was first synthesized, takes the top spot. With a price tag of around $27 million per milligram, its applications are highly specialized. Californium is used in nuclear reactors for research purposes and even has applications in cancer treatment.

2. Methamphetamine (when pure)


While meth is a dangerous and illegal drug, pure methamphetamine can fetch a surprisingly high price. In research settings, it can cost around $10,000 per gram, due to the difficulty and risks involved in safely handling and producing it in a controlled environment.

3. Plutonium

Another radioactive heavy hitter, plutonium is vital in nuclear reactors and weapons production. Due to its extreme radioactivity and tight government controls, plutonium can reach prices exceeding $4,000 per gram.

4. Tritium

This radioactive isotope of hydrogen might surprise some on the list. While not nearly as expensive as the previous elements, Tritium still holds a hefty price tag of around $30,000 per gram. Tritium is crucial for self-illuminating signs and plays a role in certain nuclear fusion experiments.

5. La Painite

Finally, we have La Painite, the only naturally occurring element on this list. Discovered in 1984, this incredibly rare gemstone is found in just a handful of locations worldwide. La Painite’s vibrant red color and extreme scarcity make it a prized possession for collectors, fetching up to $30,000 per carat.

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