What is the best nighttime hair care routine

What Is the Best Nighttime Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth in 2023

Last updated: Jan 25, 2023 at 06:54 am

Nighttime Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth: Before going to bed, it’s essential to take care of your hair. Because this is the time when most of our hair is damaged. While sleeping at night, a lot of hair falls out, the ends of the hair may become loose, the ends of the hair may break, the hair growth may also stop, the hair may become thin, and so on. 

Also, are you massaging your hair follicles one day a week? But she is selecting the shampoo very carefully. But even after that, the problem of rough and dry hair seems to be decreasing, isn’t it?

But in order to get rid of all these problems, first of all, we have to comply with some things, that is, we have to allocate some time for hair before going to sleep. Here are some ideas for how to explore hair extensions or how to schedule an appointment. So my post today is about a nighttime hair care routine. If you follow that, your hair will be healthy and beautiful.

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What Is the Best Nighttime Hair Care Routine for Hair Growth:

Tips #1: How to Take Care of Hair Before Sleeping?

Never sleep with dirty hair. If you are out all day then not at all. Keep in mind that all day long dust, sand, dirty pollution, etc. hair is severely harmed as a result of this. Sleeping with dirty hair will close your pores. So if the hair is dirty then the hair should be washed. One of the advantages of shampooing at night is that you do not rush to shampoo in the morning and you will save a lot of time.

Tips #2: Night Time Hair Care

Never lie down with wet hair. The hair should be dried as much as possible. So it is better not to use a hair-dryer. To dry the hair, wipe it well with a towel and then lightly comb it with a thick comb. Strong combing on wet hair can damage the hair. This can loosen the ends of the hair. If a little dry shampoo can be applied then it is very good. If you sleep on wet hair, it will damage the hair and moreover, after waking up, it will cause a lot of tangles.

Tips #3: How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized at Night?

When the tangle is removed, take a little aloe vera gel, mix it with a little lavender essential oil.

Then massage the mixture very carefully on your scalp. This mixture will strengthen your hair follicles as well as help you get a good night’s sleep.

If you do not have this mixture at hand, cut a vitamin E capsule and apply it to the scalp. Vitamin E is very good as hair food. It works great on hair loss, dry and lifeless hair, thin hair. Vitamin E capsules can be found in any drug store. It is also very good for the skin.

Tips #4 How to Take Care of Hair at Night?

The lower part of your hair is getting dry a lot depending on how you take care of the lower part of your hair. Massage a moisturized living conditioner (Argan oil) or a serum or a light-weight oil into your hair every night. It will keep the ends of your hair smooth and silky.

Tips #5 How to Comb Your Hair?

Gently comb your hair from bottom to top with a wooden comb. By doing this, your hair will not have to face the problem of swelling in the morning. Another benefit is that your hair will get rid of various dirt and chemicals.

Tips #6 How to Tie Hair While Sleeping for Hair Growth?

Many women have bad habits of going to lay down with their untied hair. Remember, this is one of the big reasons for your hair damage. So, sleep with a braid of hair, this will keep most of your hair on the inside, and your cuticle will be safe and protected.

Tips # 7 What Type of Pillow Is Best for Hair Growth?

Use silk or satin pillow covers. However, if it seems too difficult, then spread a satin cloth on your pillow, so that the ends of your hair will not be rubbed or torn.

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